Thursday, February 13, 2014

Two different apps for the same activity.

Today in Geometry, I showed a short video on altitudes, medians, and their points of concurrency.  After showing the video, I had students go to Gloss where I had them either draw an acute, right or obtuse triangle and then draw in either an altitude or median.  Based on the drawings I noticed that some of the kids really had no firm grasp of what 90 degrees looked like.  Once everyone had drawn the triangle with the appropriate segment, I had them repeat the exercise using geometry pad which has functions to draw the proper triangles and has a median or altitude choice.  Students repeated the exercise using Geometry Pad and we wrote down where the points of concurrency are in terms of the actual triangle.  Then we took their results and compared them with the points of concurrency for both bisectors.   This helped students visualize things and make connections.