Friday, September 12, 2014

5 dice app and warm-ups

Due to some strange things happening at the last school board meeting, the high school is changing from a 8 period day to a shorter 6 period day and there was some training for both teachers and students.  This means that for two days, I was missing half my students and since we are changing schedules, I needed something to have students do during class as warm-ups.  So Wednesday, I opened the game and copied the first screen under + and - up on the board for the warm-up. It was amazing how involved my students were with this warm-up.  After about 10 min, my first student found the answer and I had them write it up on the board.
Yesterday, I chose the first screen under multiplication and division and put that on the board. Again, they were so involved that I told them to think about it over night and we'd try again on Friday (today).  I have study hall every Tuesday and Thursday evenings.  I had several students come in and work on it.  The reason I told them to think about it, was simply that I had not figured it out.  I finally came up with the solution at the end of the day.  Today I gave them about 5 min and then placed a hint where I rearranged the dice into the proper order. After another 5 min, I showed them the solution.
This was a really great activity and I may do it again.