Monday, September 8, 2014

Inequality Kickoff

This is a lovely app that took me a few days to figure it out.  I do not know how intuitive it would be for my students but it is good practice.

This game has ten levels which go from simple problems to more complex inequalities.  This game is set up as a football game where the kicker sets up on a certain yard line to make a kick.

You are given a specific inequality to solve by placing the football on the proper yard line.

Then you make the ball solid if there is an equal sign involved or translucent if not.  This is done by using the change button.  The next step involves setting the direction of the ball so it goes left or right based on the inequality.

I like the way it gives the student a chance to try several more times if they do not get the correct answer the first time.  I look forward to trying it with my students.  I also like that the app has a multitude of levels to meet the needs of students from pre-algebra on up.