Wednesday, September 17, 2014

EZY Trigonometry app

My advanced math class is beginning the year by studying trigonometry.  We just started the unit circle this past Monday.  They have read the book, watched a video and we started filling in the degrees and radians.  Tomorrow, we will finish filling in the degrees and radians and then I will have the students use EZY Trigonometr app.  

This is a very nice app because it gives values for every single value on the unit circle. This means that students can fill in the unit circle values and notice the changes due to this being a dynamic circle instead of being static.  In addition, this app contains values for all the trigonometric ratios.
On a side note, I had most of my students doing word problems.  I have them use the KFCM version of the KWL model.
K stands for "What do I know?"
F stands for "What do I need to find?"
C stands for "what do I need to consider?" Or things to think about when solving the problem
W stands for doing the work.
My students call this "Kentucky Fried Chicken Work" as a mnemonic.