Monday, September 1, 2014

Coverup math

This app is put out by the center for algebraic thought.  The author is The same one who made the lovely algebraic tiles math app with the blue face that says Algebraic Tiles.  This app has five levels to choose from.  When you choose a level, the face spins like a slot machine and at the end there is an equation to solve. First level problems are the simplist while the level five are quite complex. The problem in the illustration is a level 1.

Students have the choice of solving the problem two ways.  They can solve it using the tradition way.

Or with the variable covered up so you can solve the problem by seeing what is missing.

This next shot is from level 5.

So this app would work for students from pre-algebra to algebra 2 or even higher.  It will work for practice, remediation or reinforcement.
They are still preparing my iPads and the tech dept requested a list of apps so I went looking and found several new apps that look really nice by the center for algebraic thought and these apps are free.