Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wow what a day

I had my first two classes, both Algebra 1, take notes using a different note taking app.  One class used istudious lite which is fine but none of us could figure out how to add a second page to the section.  It also comes with a flash card option but I could not figure it out. Neither is as obvious as they should be.  I am hoping to figure that out shortly.  The other app worked out quite well.  In Geometry, I had students begin making a set of flash cards using the SAS flash card app.  They made fill in the blank flash cards with pictures.  Tomorrow, we are going to make a few more.  I am hoping to complete a deck of vocabulary that they can review vocabulary on a regular basis before their quiz later on.  The afternoon classes did fairly well with notes.
One thing that was common with many of my students was that if it was not immediately obvious to them on how to use the app, they would get frustrated and want to shut down, even when I provided step by step instructions with the appropriate pauses.