Monday, September 15, 2014

Mathtoons apps.

Mathtoons apps have 10 quizzes with 10 questions each.  If they miss a question, there is a quick note that flashes up to tell them how to do it correctly.  I used the equations one, the geometry one, the trig one and the calc intro one as a quick way to pretest most of the kids to see where they are starting this semester.  For the most part my students took it seriously and they were in the 5/10 to7/10 range.  I figure I will have them retake the quiz to see how well they have improved.  Tomorrow, I think we will begin making flash cards for vocabulary.  I think that will help the students review the vocabulary a second time.  The first deck of flash cards, we will work together to create vocabulary cards with pictures that they make, with definitions and with sound.  I am hoping that will help them develop language.  I think we also need to start making mind maps to add to notes tomorrow and Wednesday. 
Apparently I forgot to ask for a QR scanning app.  So I put it on a new request and hopefully will get it soon.