Monday, September 29, 2014

Ten Marks by Amazon

I received something from Ten Marks the other day offering videos and online material for various math classes.  I looked at the Algebra I class and some of the material listed is material I am unable to cover in my classes with the new standards and limited time.  So I decided to sign up my smaller Algebra I class to try it out.  I set two topics up as assignments and beginning tomorrow I hope to have students log in and practice material at least two times a week.
I think this will be an excellent resource to help scaffold my weaker students, provide time to learn and practice material they should be exposed to and get them used to computer based programs to prepare for state tests.
It was easy to sign up for the site.  It was also easy to create a class in the site.  What is nice is the site provides login and passwords for all students in addition to a letter to send home to parents explaining the program.  Furthermore, I can preview the material before I assign it and set solid due dates. 
I plan to have students try it either tomorrow or Wednesday and I will get comment on how well it works.  In addition to covering high school math topics, it also covers elementary math.  I've sent the information to a couple of elementary teachers to try and let me know what they think of it.