Sunday, September 14, 2014


Beginning tomorrow, Sept. 15, 2014, I get to use a classroom set of iPads.  I plan to use a QR code with the warm-up, assign a note taking app to each class and begin having them use it this week.  Some of the note taking apps have a voice recorder so students can add verbal notes to their written notes.  In addition, I hope to introduce them to a mind mapping app so once the graphic organizer is finished, my students can take a screenshot of it and import it into the note taking app.
I will be setting up schoolboy classes with due dates, etc. for all the classes and start issuing exit ticket quizzes later in the week.  I want to decrease my work load a bit and help students who have lousy handwriting, learn to take and keep notes without losing them.
I started the process last year and want to take it one step further. I will keep you posted on how well  it works.