Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Diamond factor

This is a lovely app to use for practicing the diamond method of factoring.  

The top blank is for the product of the factors while the bottom blank is for the sum of the factors.  The factors are a and c from a standard trinomial.

If a student fills in the blanks correctly, they are told they did a good job.  If not they are told to try again.  The nice thing about this app is there are 7 levels which progress form simple to complex. 
This is a sample of a more complex problem.

In addition, students have a choice of practicing where there is no time limit and the iPad does not keep score.  Once a student selects play, there is a time limit and it keeps score.  This means the students who struggle can do the problems without the pressure of time.  
I plan to use this app for both my algebra 1, algebra 2, and college prep classes.