Friday, September 20, 2013

algebra game

I reported on an algebra application over the summer.  It has a blue background with a monkey on it and is written by Monkey in the Middle apps people. I had my first period class play the game and they enjoyed it. When you click on the first topic - words into equations, it gives you three choices, a game, flashcards or a timed challenge. The game has you helping a monkey go up the platforms and along the way you get 5 multiple choice questions.  If you get the questions correct, you keep going but if you miss the question, the monkey has to start again.  I had one student who did not want to quit when the bell rang.
I am finding games provide a venue where I can have students practice and reinforce skills which they need to work on and not having to take extra time to reteach the skills.  I like doing the games during the last 5 to 10 min of class.  One student even said "Where did the time go?" today when I asked them to clean up.  He is one who normally complains about time going too slowly.