Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Interactive notebooks

I"ve been reading up on ways of creating and using interactive notebooks in Math.  All of the ways I"ve found use a composition book and foldables to create the notebook.  I know I am trying to use more technology in the classroom so I can avoid using more paper and have more things my students have to keep track of in class.  So I am wondering if I could use a book creator app or even ibooks author so my students can create interactive math notebooks.  I need to research this a bit more as I want students to be able to bring in their drawings and work and not just rely on what they can import from the internet.  I am also wondering if they can design something that flips or moves for the notebook. 
On a different note, I had my seniors start using mind map for sin and cos graphing.  The areas are altitude, shift both horizontal and vertical, phase, and frequency.  So far, it is going well.  The one thing I learned is that it takes time for them to use the mind map app right now and we are only going to be able to add one or two strands a day.
I am hoping to have my algebra 2 students use it beginning Thursday for finding linear equations.  I have to make it Thursday because some students took the initiative to download iOS7 and one or two got messed up so I have to spend part of today getting the iPads up to date, imaged, and running.