Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Using Word salad and other apps in Math.

I saw someone recommend Word Salad as a good app for the classroom.  Since it resembles Wordle, the first thing that entered my mind was simply "Can I use it effectively so the students learn?"  This was followed by "Can it be used to help build higher order thinking skills."  So while looking up more information I stumbled across this column in which the author suggested using word salad in combination with fotobabble to explain their their word salad.  Nice idea.  The other thing about this column was the author gave ways of using the iPads for think, pair, share and jigsaw.  This gives me a starting point on integrating technology into these activities.
As a side note.  I teach mathematics to students who are either ELL or who do not have a huge vocabulary and they have difficulty solving word problems. They grab numbers and try anything till they get the answer. So today I had them do Think, Pair, Share to find the information they are given (Know), Identify what they have to find, and to consider how they will solve the problems.  Since it was the first time I've done this it went a bit roughly but the students did actually talk.  I'll find out what they found when I grade papers a bit later.