Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Next step in process

I've got the iPads and I've got the students trained to grab an iPad and scan the QR code for the warm-up.  They do this before they get their folders.  After yesterday's origami lesson, I was going to have students write a short summary of the relation of origami to points, lines, planes and intersections but the e-mail was not set up.  So I spoke to the tech dept and they assured me that with the new OS7 I would not need e-mail because it has airdrop which will allow students to turn in their work.  There are assignments I'd like to have them do in a paperless way so that I do not have to correct the paper. This is also going to cut down on the "I turned it in" but its found in their folder/locker/home syndrome.  I can hardly wait to try it out.
Once that is up and working, we can use a spread sheet to program rate of change and use that for an activity in a couple of my classes.  I can have them make presentations on showme or Haiku deck and have them turn it in.  I am just excited.
Ohhh in regard to the origami exercise yesterday, first thing my students said was "When do we get to do that again?".  I am thrilled because they don't usually get excited over math in general.  I know we can use it for angles, types of triangles, etc.  This is going to be a fun year.