Friday, September 27, 2013

Interactive notebooks part two

I and my students are finding out more about the individual notebook programs we are using.  For instance, Goodnotes allows my students to take both pictures and screen shots and import them into their writings so they can add annotations with their finger or with a text book.  Unfortunately SAS Notebook requires the students to use a scratch paper to bring in photos or other type of picture.  They can hand write annotations, comments, etc but we are still working on adding typing.  They cannot import the scratch paper material into the text page so students will require two pages.  For inkflow the students were helping each other figure out how to create examples using the geometry pad or geoboard apps, take and crop those pictures and import them to the page.  Every single student was on task in all three classes and it was fun watching students who are not normally engaged doing the assignment.  I have one period left and that is my 9th grade math class.  We are starting with popplet and they will do one or two rectangles/cards a day
The QR codes for warm-ups are going well and a couple students asked me why I was not doing the practice standardized test questions via QR code.  I told them I"d try it for next week and the kids are buying into the technological integration.