Monday, September 30, 2013

Updates, etc

I just updated the iPads to iOS 7 this past Tuesday mostly because students were trying to download the new operating system. Of the three, one downloaded successfully and the other two generated the plug screen of death.  Friday, the students are telling me about the update but agreed to let me do it later today, so during my prep period and after school, I'll be downloading the newest version of the operating system.  I can say, my kids like the new look and feel of the latest operating system.
I had the students in Algebra 1 use popplet to create a map of relations, functions, domain and range, and the vertical line test.  Several of the students understood the difference between relations and functions at the end of the exercise but popplet won't do what I wanted in terms of being a notebook so I found another program to use.  So far, having a different notebook app for each period is working well on the shared iPads.  It is interesting to see the students creating notes for themselves. Some just shove something together while others take the time to make some awesome notes and if I had had to predict everyone who would make great notes, there were a few I would have been wrong on.
Later today, I am going to have to track down another graphing program that will allow me to graph conic sections without rewriting problems into the y = format.  I used it last year and it has a small tutoring section so the students can read up on the topic if they forget.  Actually, I need to go through past blogs to find the name of it but I use it when I teach conic sections.