Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Printing and notebook apps

The tech guy who works with me on the iPads, is working to figure out how to configure the iPads so I can have students print out material. I will talk to him later today to see if he needs an app with the ipad so it works as an interface or if it can be done directly.  He is also working on figuring out how I can take advantage of the airdrop facet of iOS 7.02 to push pdf's and documents to my students.  It is all one step at a time.  We learned yesterday which settings to use so I can image one iPad with an update and transfer it to the other iPads.  He and I are learning things together.
This is an update on free notebook apps and how they are going.
SAS notebook is nice but the students discovered if they want to import photos they have to use the scratch page but if they want text, they have to use the text page.  They are still trying to figure out how to get text and photos or screen shots on the same page.  I have my seniors using this program.  Each day they play with it, they learn more and share the knowledge with each other.
Goodnotes free is used by my Algebra 2 class and they are enjoying it. They have figured out how to import photos, drawings, etc, add text and handwriting.  They help each other and are having fun learning all of the functions it offers.
Inkflow is used in the Geometry class and the kids love it.  They've imported pictures, screen shots, drawn pictures, written and typed so far.  this one was quite easy for them to use and it comes with a users guide that many of the students played with as they read it.
Yesterday I introduced my 9th grade Algebra I class to Smartnote free and they struggled with it.  You can make text for some or all of the page.  You have to hold your finger down at the end of the type text here message to bring up the keyboard.  This app allows you to record a lecture while taking notes.  We haven't tried importing a photo yet but that is going to happen on Friday. 
Using Smartnote made me realize, I need to see which of the other apps allow students to record something to go with the notes.  That would add one more element of interaction to the notes. 
I have one more notebook app but I won't be able to introduce that to Period one until Monday of next week.  I think I am having fun watching the students explore and learn how to use these apps.  So far it is going well but if the students save anything in photos, other students delete them as I don't allow students to keep photos on the iPads.  I may have to rethink this position.  I need to check a couple apps on that question.
I am learning quite a lot from my students.