Wednesday, October 2, 2013

First use of nearpod and airdrop

I tried the nearpod application last period yesterday.  I used it as an introduction to turning sentences into algebraic expressions or equations.  It was fairly easy to set up the presentation because the web site allowed me to import a power point presentation and it converted the power point presentation easily and quickly.  It was when I went to use it that I discovered glitches.

1.  It used a fair bit of bandwidth so it was a bit slow.
2. There is a place that it shows me who is checked in and is a lovely green color.  For much of the presentation, it was red and the kids iPads seemed to show off line but when I pulled up the list, they were there.
3.  We couldn't mark anything on the pages.

The third item is something I need to research later today when I get a chance.  I would like to use it so I'll try again. I'm working on this with the tech guy so we hope to get it fully functional.

UpdateI found a pdf which has the information for making the slides interactive.  I am going to play with it over the next couple days and use it in class Friday. I"ll let you know how it  goes.

On the other hand, the tech guy did some research on Airdrop which comes with iOS 7.  Problem is, I can't use it because my iPad is a gen 2 and you need a gen 4 to use it so we are researching other ways for me to send worksheets, etc to the students and for them to return it.  We are looking at the possibility of using Edmodo.  So we will see where that goes.

The tech guy is still working on trying to make it so my students can print off their work.  It is all one step at a time and eventually, I'll have everything working the way I want it to.