Friday, October 4, 2013

QR code Maker and updates

Today I had my students scan a QR code that gave them directions to QR Maker and a task to do with the application.  It is nice that the QR Maker will allow them to answer simple questions.  I just had them tell me what is the most important thing to remember?  They wrote their answers in the QR maker and I read the answers.  This is just a task so they learn to use the application. I am thinking of having some problems posted around the room, they do the answers and then record the answers only in the QR so I can check it later.  I plan to try it next week.
I am going to try Nearpod next week.  Due to extra things I had this week, I did not get the presentation finished so I am aiming for next Tuesday.  I look forward to trying it.  I spoke to another teacher who uses Schoology and she indicated that if the internet is sluggish, the kids might have difficulty using that app.  This is going to be fun.
A board member spoke to me of how paperless is the future and we should all be working towards that.  I have no problem once I get all the apps up and running so I can have that but until then, I have to use a certain amount of paper.  My fear is that it will be harder for someone to prove that they turned something in unless you can have it set up to generate some sort of acknowledgement of receipt. 
I saw a nice little item talking about introducing students  one app at a time so they learn to use the apps and not become overwhelmed by them.