Tuesday, October 15, 2013


I have been having students take notes on their iPads and now one class has a test coming up.  In the past, I have allowed students to use their notes during a test but the notes had to be kept across the room, only one person could be up at any time and they could not take a paper or pencil to the notes. They had to remember the material.
So where the quandary comes in is that I have been encouraging students to use the graphing app for families of graphs, and inequalities.  If I let them use their notes on the iPads, then they do not get a chance to get up, move around and clear their brains.  I know that computer based state testing begins in another year or two and that will have a calculator available to use during the test.
I think for now, I will go with the handwritten notes so they get one more chance to learn the material.