Monday, October 21, 2013

HUP Algebra free app

I chose this app over the summer because it has some nice videos included with it.  Unfortunately, it turns out my students cannot access the videos because they are through youtube and youtube is blocked by the tech dept.  Both the students and I were disappointed because of that. They learn quite well watching videos.  On the other hand, the program has some nice try it problems that can be checked.  If they make a mistake, the app tells them what they should be doing and they get a chance to rework it.  I really liked that students get a chance to redo it and are prompted in what to do.  The kids actually enjoyed using it and were really focused on it.
I have a couple other apps that do this type of thing and I'm slowly having my students use each of the apps to see how well they work in the classroom.  When they used ultimate thump, they ignored the pop up window telling them how to do it but when I made it a competition for most correct, they paid more attention to what they were doing rather than just going through it and choosing any answer.  These kids can be quite competitive.