Friday, October 11, 2013

algeboats light and note taking

I put some kids on Algeboats lite this morning and they liked it.  Basically a boat comes to the dock with an expression such as x + 3.  On the dock are bales with various numbers on them.  Across the top are flags with numbers.  The student loads a bale on board the boat which fills in the x value and then the student attaches the flag to the mast which has the correct total.  Because it is an expression, the students have several different possibilities depending on the value they choose for X.  I like it because they see they can have different answers based on the value they choose for the variable.
In other classes, when I say its time for notes, the students are opening up their notes app and taking notes.  Some write in the notes and others watch as I explain the notes, then take pictures and import them into their notes, annotate and reread.  Today, I had a student ask if she could take pictures of her notes on her phone so she could refer to them tonight when she does her homework.  This is an awesome step for her.  I feel as if the students are making good progress in learning that mobile devices are tools and not toys.