Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A thought that lead to a question.

I was reading about Amazon's new kindle match program.  If you purchased a hard back copy of a book in the past so many years, you can buy the kindle version for either $0, $1.99 or $2.99.  Some are available and some will soon be available.  One of the books I purchased for work is now being offered in kindle format.  This lead my mind to wonder if I could copy a page from the kindle book to move into either one of the apps on the iPad so my students can work on the page on the Ipad and then turn it in.  I know I can use the physical book and scan it using a copy machine or via the scanner in the library but this makes things a bit more complex in that it requires a few extra steps. 
The most obvious way is to do a screen shot and use that for the students to mark up or write answers on but I would probably first have to convert the screen shot from jpeg to a pdf. 
hmmm. This is beginning to offer so many possibilities.  To me using technology in the classroom is all about opening possibilities.