Friday, October 25, 2013

New Quarter and learning menus

I want to start learning menus to provide a quarter or chapter end option to prepare them better for the major tests.  Yesterday's idea with the geoboard and Book Creater apps made me realize, I have all the apps I need to set it up and start doing it.  I am not utilizing the full potential yet and this is one way to increase student knowledge of both Math and the mobile devices.  I have showme, garage band, notebooks, book creator, google earth, an app with a word type creator, a spreadsheet and a power point type app.  These alone can give me a good supply of apps to create a menu to meet the different learning styles of the students.  I could easily give them half the period on Friday's to work towards completing the projects. 
I am going to put Google earth on the iPads this weekend along with garage band and schoology so I can implement activities from Real World Math in my classroom, teach them to make pod casts and have a place to pass out and receive work, information, etc.  By the end of the year, my classroom will be so much more integrated than it was last year.  My goal is to have my teaching so it has technology integrated into it effectively by 2016.
This morning on the warm-up, I gave my students a question on the type of triangle that is the basis for a Nautilus and they promptly pulled up the web browser to find the answer.  They showed enough interest so that Monday, I will be playing a short podcast/video from iTunes university on the topic.  Talk about a learning moment. 

I know what I will be doing this weekend.