Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Report on Nearpod in use

I used it with my seniors who have not passed the state graduation test.  It went quite well.  The students stayed on task and enjoyed it tremendously.  I had an introduction, then about 3 slides in I had an open ended question. All the student's replies showed up on my screen so I could see what they thought.  I included a practice question to see what they knew, sort of a pretest/poll.  Again, all the student's results showed up on my screen so I could see who still had to answer and what they chose.  Then were 3 to 4 instructional slides with a poll on what is the first step.  The answers for each question showed up so at a glance I could see if anyone chose more than one answer or didn't answer at all.  Then I had a couple more slides followed by a quick 5 question quiz. The quiz does not tell the student what is wrong but the student's answer shows up in red if its wrong and green if its right. This means I can use a quick glance to see if its right.  I like the way I have control over the slides on the iPad and the students cannot wonder off to play games or they become disconnected. 
We have a visitor and I showed it to her. She really likes it a lot and she tried out all the interactive activities. 
So now I know how to use it, I can use it more effectively in the classroom.