Thursday, October 10, 2013

inequalities and graphing apps.

In algebra 2, we are learning to graph linear and absolute value inequalities using a graphing app.  I like the free graph calc for graphing as it has so many choices and resembles a regular graphing calculator.  It does not seem to support graphing inequalities which is fine with me because the students can graph the base linear or absolute value equation, then do the analysis to determine if they need a dotted or solid line and which part is shaded in.  Too often my students just copy down the result from the graphing calculators or a regular calculator without checking to see if its reasonable. 
Yesterday, all the high school teachers gave students a directions test during study hall. The test had them writing down things like the letter D in the middle of the page, writing down their favorite musical group in a corner, etc.  We did this because the majority of our students do not read directions.  As expected, most students failed the test but the kids got such a charge out of the test.  What they don't know is that they will get another one next month.
Finally, the tech dept and I are still working to figure out how I can have students either send the material to me using e-mail or get it to me via a drop box type of situation.  I am not allowed to use google docs, regular e-mail accounts, drop box or any other type of app like that.  So it is a challenge.  I am doing some research and have a couple possibilities that I need to explore hopefully over the weekend.  I hope by January to greatly reduce the paper flow.