Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flash Cards by SAS and QR maker

Due to a unexpected short day today, I have been spending the period letting my students learn to use SAS Flash cards.  The hardest part was getting some of the students focused enough to follow directions  I like this app because they don't have to sign in to a web page and they can keep their cards on the iPad so their practice sets are accessible.
The app offers students two types of cards:  the math or the text.  The math cards allow students to input problems while the text allows them to input vocabulary or questions, add audio such as reading the questions, have the answer and a clarification.  Today I had students ask true or false questions about certain math vocabulary words and they put the definitions or explanations in the clarification section.  They can also make or import pictures/images to add a visual to the flash cards.  Once they finish making their decks, they can then run through the decks as a practice quiz or a regular quiz.  The practice quiz will show them the correct answer after each question while the quiz has the student going through the whole deck as if it is a quiz.
I am going to begin using the exit ticket activity on Monday as tomorrow is the end of the first quarter.  I will post a short question such as "What two things did you learn today?" and the students will use the QR maker to write the answer.  I'll scan their codes and then they will put the iPads away.  This will give them a chance to verbalize what they learned or might still have questions on. I am excited about using both Flash cards and QR maker next semester.