Thursday, October 3, 2013

Nearpod, Schoology, Edmodo and Subtext

I am working with the tech dept to get these four programs up and running and integrated as we think these together will give us all we need.  Currently, we are still working on getting Nearpod working in the classroom so that I can use it more often.  The next project is Edmodo because I can set up groups for my students, assign work, have then turn it back in and I can assign work using Subtext.  I worked with Subtext some this summer.  I discovered I can take material off the web or send myself a PDF, add activities, notes, etc so reading materials becomes more interactive.  This is important as many of my students are classified as ELL (ESL) and they do not like reading.  I can link the reading to a video, a picture, or a quiz that I can administer to find out how well they understand the material.
I've never actually used Schoology but I'm told it can help me manage my classroom iPads better.  It was recommended by the tech dept based on one of the teachers in the elementary school who is using it.  The tech guy already downloaded it onto the sink station so now I have to figure out how to use it.  Update:  I found a couple of places online that are comparing Schoology to Edmodo and this will help me determine if they offer the same things or if I need both.
 My timeline is get Nearpod working, edmodo  and subtext, and check out schoology in there to see how to implement it.
On the other hand, if this all helps me have a more paperless classroom, I am all for it.  While writing this, I realized I could stick a T/F quiz in before students read a new section as an anticipation set and then have them find the information to prove or disprove statements which are projected on the Smartboard.  If anyone has experience with Schoology, please post a comment so I can hear from people who are using it.