Wednesday, October 16, 2013


The other day, one of my students yelled Rape in the middle of a class.  She was trying to be funny.  I commented that Rape is a plant.  Suddenly all the students are going to Safari to look up the Rape plant to find pictures and information.  They learned it is a member of the mustard family and you can make oil out of the seeds.  This lead to discussion on where mustard comes from.  It was wonderful. 
I came to a conclusion on using iPads on the next test.  I am going to let them use the iPads but they have to keep them to the side with their notes, then they can bring the answer back in their head.  This way if they decide to check the web, they are not with their papers.  I am going to treat the iPads as I would their notes. 
Finally, I have been working on arranging a distance presentation on origami and geometry.  I know my students love origami and this will help them see more geometry.  I hope to get a presentation on diving and geometry.  I think that would really capture their attention.