Monday, October 28, 2013

Who is ahead: tearchers or teacher training?

Last week, I had the pleasure of speaking with a professor from the local university. She was visiting our school to work with some students.  We got to talking about the uses of technology in the classroom and I had the opportunity to speak with her.  She stated that the technology class at her school needs revamping because it is behind in terms of the amount of technology that is available and students are going to need to know how to utilize various mobile devices.  I only got my Master's a few years ago and already what I learned in that class is totally updated.  I've also found that when trainers come out to help us with various programs, the trainer is great at english or social studies but ask about the programs applications for math or science and I usually get a blank stare with the comment "I'm not a math person.  I"ll relay your question to the math person."  I never hear back from them.
I think that technology class for incoming teachers can be designed to change as the mobile device world changes.  Technology is rapidly changing and a technology class needs to be designed to be quite flexible.