Friday, September 6, 2013

MIT Blossoms

I was doing a search looking for MIT App Inverntor and discovered they also produce the MIT Blossoms website filled with videos for math, various sciences and engineering.  They cover a variety of topics including using geometry to build simple machines.  That looks like a cool one to use as an introduction to Geometry and its real world uses for my class.  In addition, they have a huge list of online resources for math, the various sciences and engineering.  I think that is sooo cool
On the other hand, they have my classroom set of iPads ready and I will get them during my prep period.  So this weekend I am going to set up my lesson plans to incorporate them.  I already have one plan for the students who have to retake the state graduation test.  I am going to put the practice tests on-line so they can do them and the program will produce data to help me figure out what my students need help with.  It will also help them prepare for when they must take tests on computers.  It will take a lot more work but I think it will be good for them in the long run.