Thursday, September 5, 2013

More thoughts on QR codes

It looks like I'll get the iPads for my classroom within the next day or two.  The tech dept wants my list of apps for the classroom set and I decided to have a QR reader and a QR creator app installed.  I am also thinking of requesting students make sure they have installed a QR reader on their personal devices because the iPads are shared.  The reason for this is simply I am tired of repeating the assignment or pointing to where I have the assignment posted on the board.  I am hoping that by making using QR codes, the students will learn to keep the assignment on their devices or the classroom iPads so they can refer to the information each day.  Maybe they'll check as frequently as they check their phones for text's from their loved ones......LOL
On the topic of QR codes, I found a wonderful collection of suggestions for using QR codes in Education that I plan to explore this weekend.  It is nice having so many items in one place instead of trying to search the web.  Three headings that have gotten my interest are:
1. Implementation of QR codes in the classroom.
2. Using QR codes in student projects.
3. Using QR codes in homework.

I've used QR codes before to send students to specific websites that have work or a reading for them and to list an order of activities I want them to do in class.  So this is a way of learning more ways to use QR codes.  I do not have to reinvent the wheel.