Monday, September 9, 2013

NASA space math problems

I forgot about NASA space math problems until I got one of their regular updates in my e-mail this morning.  The latest problem is Problem 607: The Launch of LADEE to the Moon.
The description is :
Students plot the altitude, range and speed of the LADEE rocket launch and investigate rates of change including acceleration by graphing the tabular data and determining the slope of the graph using the definition of the slope of a line between two points.
This is a wonderful example of rate of change in a real situation where students can try it themselves.  The material NASA offers covers grades 6 to 12 and has all the past problems available for use along with some other items such as a space math book for grades 6 to 8 which is a standards based with multi-media math resources. 
The information is in PDF form so I can bring it into an app like subtext to interject questions, tags, activities, etc.  Most will require use of a calculator/graphing app, a drawing or note app and they could place their answers into a QR code to turn in.  Hmmmm the possibilities.