Thursday, September 26, 2013

Implementing digital apps

Tuesday I downloaded 4 different notebook apps so each of 4 classes would have their own set of digital notebooks as these iPads are shared.  For two periods I had the students write down notes and for one period, I had them write what they knew about midpoint, distance and angles.   The biggest thing I forgot to do was plan time in so they could explore the application before writing things down.  Just for your reference I downloaded SAS Notebook, Goodnotes, Inkflow and Popplet lite.  It turns out Inkflow comes with a 10 page instruction manual the students read.  When they started writing, I had students help answer each others questions on using the app such as "How do I delete something?"  "How do I start a new notebook?"  This way I don't have to answer things. 
I am hoping to have students use these apps as their digital journals. 
In the future, I plan to have them create posters, foldables, take pictures of certain worksheets and use the annotation abilities to highlight certain important items.  I am going to try to have them create posters or word salads on line and import the finished project into the journals. I am hoping this way, it becomes more interactive than just a straight writing exercise.
Only time will tell how it works.  I have one more period today and we'll see if we even get to the app as it is a shorter period than usual due to a pep rally.