Saturday, September 7, 2013

I am trying something with QR codes

Yesterday the iPads were delivered to my room and I finished training on using Apple Configurator so I can add and delete apps as I need to.  While I was adding a few apps this morning, I wondered why I couldn't set up my warm-up questions as QR codes so students would immediately get the iPad out and start working while I am taking and record roll and  get my Smartboard up and running.  Up to know I've had to juggle the white board with the smartboard so I could take and record roll on the same computer that is connected to my Smartboard.  I had to go over to school this morning, so I set up the warm-ups in a QR code for Wednesday to try out.  We have an inservice scheduled for Monday and Tuesday so I cannot try it till Wednesday.  In fact, for my first period class I have QR codes set up for them to take an online quiz followed by reading up on simplifying square roots.  I am hoping this make the flow of class better and has the students stay more occupied.  I'll report back on how well it goes and in the meantime I am going to work on becoming more knowledgeable on SubText and nearpod.  I want to use both in my class.