Monday, September 23, 2013


I was doing a search for using mindmapping in Math to get more ideas for using mindmapping in my math classes and ran across this site called mathsrevision from Scotland.  It has nice mindmaps that can be used by the teacher in the classroom using a smartboard and each thought or point will appear one at a time as you click the screen. I am still experimenting to see how well it works on the iPad. 
Once I redid the way I entered my search parameters, I finally got more of what I wanted.  I found you can use it for problem solving and the website gave lots of nice mindmaps. 
I am going to try it with my Algebra 2 later today to see how it works for finding equations of linear equations from graphs, with the College Prep math class for trig and maybe with the geometry class for the basics. 
I downloaded a free mindmapping app and I'll report back tomorrow on how it goes.