Friday, September 13, 2013

Thank goodness it is friday.

Due to a couple of students taking tons of photos during class rather than working on the assignment, I spoke with a tech guy at school and  he suggested we adjust the profile to turn off the camera.  Great, so I did that and the scan program did not work due to the camera being off.  So one hour later, I redid the profiles so the cameras now work.  These students will be doing their work using pen and paper rather than actually getting to play some of the games.
I just found out that the state mandated test will be given online beginning next year so I'm preparing the students for it.  I am making quizzes that will be given via the computers and many of the games I've down loaded require the student to select the proper multiple choice answer to gain points. 
Over the weekend, I am going to be creating some learning menus with a variety of projects to choose from.  The work will be due one week after we finish the unit and will have things like prepare a 2 min lesson on Showme.  Or create a book on the topic using book creator.   I am hoping this will help more students learn the material and will provide a certain amount of differentiation.  It will be several weeks before I know how well it works.
I had students go to and it worked well on their iPads including the practice problems. Unfortunately, not every website with activities or material works with the iPads.  
I don't know if I mentioned it but the CILC has a series of programs which cost money but are well worth it.  I found one on origami and geometry that I am going to see about requesting with my students.