Wednesday, September 11, 2013

First full day of iPad integration.

Overall, it went quite well.  I had the students come in and scan a QR code after getting their iPads.  They actually sat down and did the warm-up nicely.  Once we'd gotten over the beginning part of class,  I took time to let the students explore the apps, Gloss and my script calculator.  This took about 10 min out of the period but it was worth it because we then worked on doing one word problem.  We started by listing what we know, what do we have to find and what do we have to think about to answer this question.  It was awesome the way the students worked when I said they had to work in pairs and use one or the other or both apps to solve it.  I saw some really awesome discussion.  I have one period that went to a site to take a test I created and then they read up on-line about square roots.  Tomorrow, all students will be watching a video on the material they are learning.  I see some great things happening with the iPads in my classroom. I did have one student who thought the iPad was a wonderful toy because he took 135 photos during class and he'll discover he'll have a problem tomorrow when we use the iPads......LOL