Monday, October 13, 2014

I - Spy X app

Since we are now at solving one-step equations in my Algebra I classes, I had students play the matching game where they match the equation with the value for x.  It gave me a feel for how well they already understand the process and how much on the topic I have to teach.  We even had a visitor from the state in class and she had a great time playing the game along with the kids.  Since our school is one of the lower performing ones in the state, we have a coach who comes out to help us with our plan of action and when she visits my room, she gets a chance to see how I am applying technology.
One of the courses I've taken has said that even when you are done with a topic, you still need to have the students practice the material. So today in Geometry, I had the students do Geometry Pro by Mathtoons and I had them do the 9th quiz on parallel lines and traversals.  I understand the company is developing an app to allow you to create your own quizzes on the material you teach.  I signed up for it today because it would be wonderful to have quizzes set up for my students that tests them on specific material.  I'll keep you posted on this.