Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ten Marks part two.

I had my algebra I 9th grade students log on today.  The site provided them with passwords and usernames.  The login procedure went smoothly and the students were given a tour of the website.  When the students selected the first assignment, they were a bit intimidated by the questions asked but I was able to show them, that on the side was the possibility of a video on the topic they could watch.  Or they can ask for hints which is really nice.   There is also an option for the student to save and do later if they run out of time.
In addition, there are games that are available after they complete a certain amount of work and there is a place called Jam with math or jam session where students can practice certain skills.  I think I will have the kids try the jam session tomorrow and practice the laws of exponents  just as a change and go back to the assignment on Friday.
I will keep you posted on this but so far, it looks quite good.