Thursday, October 16, 2014

Lion Grapher

Lion Grapher is another app from the center for algebraic thought.  It has four modes which make it possible to use this app in a couple different classes and over any unit dealing with finding the equation of a line.
The first mode is the lion mode. In this mode, the student finds the slope to put the line through thd lions head. The student is going to use the origin as one point and the location of the lions head as the other point.  If the student is successful, they get points. If they are incorrect, they lose 25 points each time.
Next is the Intercept mode where the student uses a point and the y intercept to find the line.then the student can use 2points for the app to find the equation of a line.  Finally is the line mode which allows a student to play with the graph of a line by moving it up, down, left, or right.
I like that this app has students exploring the slope from a point on the graph, two points, or the equation of a line from two points, or a point and the slope.  I find that my ELL students really do much better when they have the opportunity to explore in addition to videos and lectures.  I had fun exploring the app myself.
This is a nice app and its free