Thursday, October 30, 2014


Last year I had two Origami apps on my ipads. The other night at study hall, a couple of students asked me why I didn't have any origami apps on there.  It got me to thinking that even if I'm not using it at the moment in my geometry class, I should still have it on the iPads so students can do origami.  They can develop an understanding of the importance of lines, angles, polygons and triangles play in the creation of something in origami.  Furthermore, there are books that show how to origami to create three dimensional shapes. 
I just did a search for apps for making 3 dimensional shapes and this article popped up. It is a popular science article on the real world applications of origami.  I found it quite interesting and I can use it in my classroom when we study 3 dimensional shapes.  In addition I found this website that is already tablet ready.  It talks about different 3 dimensional origami shapes.  It has both the background on various shapes but it includes easy, medium and hard origami instructions.
The website has you use your finger to scroll horizontally, or up and down, etc.  It works beautifully on the iPad and perfect.  this is going on my will use list.