Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Race 2 Achieve final race.

Today there was a k to 12 assembly in the Gym where the councilor gave a talk about it being red ribbon week.  When he was done, I got to have my students race their mousetrap racers.  I even had one student who redid her race car because it kept traveling to the right.  We ended up having two runs.  Unfortunately, none of the race cars made it all the way to the finish line.  Several of them lost wheels during the run.  So after a short intermission where I told the kids they didn't cheer loud enough, the students fixed the wheels.  During the second run, only one made it across the line in about 11.5 seconds.  He was thrilled he won but kind of upset his car was 3 seconds slower than during practice.  The whole school had a blast and we awarded the winner a medal.  As soon as I can grab a couple of pictures from the tech dept, I will post them
This was an awesome experience and if you can do this with your students, I think it is well worth using it.