Friday, October 17, 2014

Integrating technology into the classroom.

I am finally getting to the point in my growth that I am finding ways of integrating technology into my classroom. 
I have been using i-Spy X in my Algebra I class all week because I've been teaching solving one step equations to the students.  Monday, we only looked at solving using addition, Tuesday used subtraction to solve equations, Thursday they practiced multiplication and Today was division.
I discovered that I could use this app in three different ways throughout the lesson.
1.  Use the easy version of the game to introduce the process to my students before actually teaching the lesson.
2. Use it to practice the process after i introduce the lesson and I can use both the easy and medium levels depending on the student.
3.  Use it to review and get additional practice for all levels of students. 
This way I can use the app to remind them of prior knowledge, scaffolding and differentiation without having to do a lot of extra work. 
I had the students review solving by using multiplication before I taught dividing and I had a few students who needed to remain on the easy level but others who moved on to the medium level and my students who catch on fast did the hard level.  It was awesome and I think it went quite well. 
I can use this app when we do solving multi-step equations because they even have a choice of using all four ops just to have them practice solving single step equations using the proper operation.  It will provide a good review.
Over the weekend I plan to put this into a proper lesson plan format and do some planning using the Lion Grapher that I reviewed yesterday.  That app I can use in stages with this group when I get to finding slope and learning point slope or slope intercept form.