Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Smart Board + ipad

Today I had tried something new with the students. I found two smartboard presentations that had exactly what I wanted for teaching my students how to solve 2 step equations.  After watching how two different equations were solved, I had them go on Gloss on their iPads and they worked some problems.  When they got an answer, they held up the iPad so I could see at a glance how they did. Some problems were true or false in which case they wrote a T or F.  It was fun and it made it easy for me to do a quick assessment to see where their understanding lay and how much prior knowledge they had.  I plan to try it with my geometry class and my algebra 2 class having them use the ipads to show an answer. 
I did try it with  my geometry class.  I used it to see how much they learned of various angles associated with a set of parallel lines cut by a traversal.  It was quite an eye opener.  Only one student actually knew all the answers, the rest of them were unsure of themselves and often picked the incorrect answer. this gives me a place to start so I can incorporate some scaffolding. 
I have added another tool to my repertoire.