Monday, October 6, 2014

Review, Homework, QR codes

I used to take time out of my teaching to review materials for the upcoming test and I would loose two or three days of valuable teaching time.  This year, I figured out that I could use warm-ups and homework to provide review for any upcoming tests.  In fact, I make sure that the home work has 10 problems similar to what will be on the test and I include a QR code on the sheet with the answers so students can check themselves.  If they do not get the correct answer, I can post a sheet with all the work up online so students can check it.  If a student does not have a device, they can come in and use an iPad to read the QR code or do to where I have the answer sheet.  Sometimes I even include QR codes that have the URL of videos they can watch at home or after school if they want extra help.  I like it when they have the answers on the sheets so they don't have to "borrow" the answer sheet. 
So far students are doing better overall on the tests I've given so far this year.  I think out of two classes, only one student has been unable to pass a section.  My tests are composed of 4 sections and if a student passes a section, they pass it and do not need to retake it.  They have a total of 3 chances to pass all parts of the test and they must make corrections before they can retake the test.  I feel my students learn more this way because they have to review the material before taking the test again.