Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Sample lesson

Today has gone well.  One of the trainings I've had this year said you should get kids up and moving around and keep the information in small chunks so I've been working on doing that.
In Algebra I, I started the kids with a warm-up QR so the students take out their iPads, scan the code and each one of them has the questions right next to them.  This is great because I have one student who is visually impaired and several others who are constantly forgetting or loosing their glasses.  They work on this while I take roll and other normal chores.  We go over the warm-up on the smart board and then they get to work two standardized questions.  I always arrange it so that most students should be able to complete half the problems.  At the end of this time, I had them spend 5 mins doing subtraction in i-Spy X.  They are really enjoying this app. Afterwards, we worked on solving some actual one step equations using addition and subtraction.  I start demonstrating the method on the board using the first couple of problems. Then I asked them to do the next few and I walked around observing.  About 10 min before the end of class I had them go to the Hands-on equations lite to watch the video in the first lesson.  The app is set up so they watch the video and then practice some problems.  When there were two min left, the student cleaned up.  The kids had a good time and were very attentive to the video.  I think they really prefer videos to my teaching.
Geometry started much the same but instead of playing a game, we used SAS Gloss as a white board and I gave out certain triangles such as obtuse scalene that they had to draw.  I included a couple of impossible ones such as a scalene, isosceles triangle and they had to explain why it wouldn't work.  My students did quite well and I think I am going to put them on Ten-Marks on Thursday.