Friday, October 3, 2014

Ten marks assignment.

Today I gave a test to my Geometry class.  When they were finished the test I put them on the first assignment which was 10 questions on theorems about lines and angles.  When each student finished the questions, they had a chance to go back and make changes because they were told how many right, partially correct and wrong they go out of 10 with a percent.  Then the unit showed them the answers for each problem with the chance to read an explanation.  This was really nice because it gave them a chance to correct answers, gave immediate feedback and they could see what the answer should have been.
In addition, it gives me the average for the students who finished the material.  It even tells me how many did not finish it.  Then I can check on view details and get the following information.
It tells me how long it took them, how many finished it, the average score and if they used hints
Then it tells me the top 3 mistakes that were made and how many students made those mistakes. In addition, it tells me who made the mistake.
Finally I get an at a glance that tells me which student completed it or started it, the score, the time, how many written hints they used and the number of times they used the video hints.
I also found a section under reports that lets me see which students fell within 80 to 100 percent, 60 to 80 or below 60.  The report is color coded and it makes it easy to read.
So far, I am enjoying the ease of use with this website.  I am going to try a few more things and let you know how it goes.