Tuesday, October 7, 2014

The tortoise and the hare app

This is a really cool game where students get to set the rate of speed for the tortoise while they set an initial speed, a break and then a second speed for the hare. By varying the numbers , they can change the results.  In addition, there are 4 challenges set in the program for the students to do as they are entering data.  One of my students discovered that if you touch the land, you can move it around so you see the race at various points.


The only thing is that you have to hold the iPad in portrait if you want to use the number pad.  Notice the unit is in feet/sec.

iPad Screenshot 3

Once you put in the Tortoise's speed, you then check the active box and three boxes show up for the Hare.  Leg one, the rest, and leg 2 so that the hare goes off to the side of the road, usually by the lake, to take a break of so many seconds.  Then the hare continues.

iPad Screenshot 2

The land is floating so as I stated earlier, you can move the land around so you can watch the race.  Notice on the left side there is a slider bar with the tortoise's speed, while on the right is the slider bar for the hare's speed and inbetween is the timer showing the actual race itself. 
My high school geometry class had a blast playing this and I think I am going to put together an activity where they have to try several different scenarios.